We offer superior boarding facilities for all breeds of dogs


  • Can my two dogs stay together in one kennel?
  • Yes, each kennel space is large enough to accomodate more than one dog

  • My dog is on medication
  • No problem, bring his medication, together with instructions for use, along with you.

  • My dog has never been away from home before.
  • It is normal for your dog to be a bit anxious and/or shy his first time away from home. Most dogs settle down to the routine within one/two days. Our repeat guests never have a problem.

  • Do I need to bring my dog's vaccination certificate every time?
  • You will need to bring it the first time your dog boards with us. We will keep a copy on file: you will not need to bring it again unless the validity date has expired.

  • Can I phone/SMS to see how my dog is coping?
  • With pleasure, we know how anxious owners are, especially if it's your dog's first stay with us.

  • Can my dog bring his own bed with him?
  • Yes, however, some dogs tear up their beds and/or bedding when away from home. He might go home with just the shreds.

  • What if my dog becomes sick during his stay?
  • We will contact you immediately. If veterinary assistance is required, we have an arrangement with our local Veterinary Hospital and you can be assured that your dog will get the best care.

  • Do you take cats?
  • Unfortunately, we do not have facilities for cats.