Opening Hours

  • Monday - Friday:  9-11am and 3-5pm
  • Saturday:   9-11am
  • All other times, including Sundays and Public Holidays: by arrangement
  • Inspection welcome
  • Collections can be arranged
  • Contact Mike: 073 255 5599


  • We feed twice per day, morning and evening
  • We use Eukanuba kibble and a high quality moist food
  • Each boarder receives a special treat daily - our famous home-made
    chicken liver bread. No dog has ever turned his nose up of this
  • You are welcome to bring your own food, if you prefer


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Our Kennels

Our secure night kennels are a spacious 6 x 3 metres, airy and can easily accomodate two large dogs together.

Each kennel has a separate sleeping area incorporating a large bed raised off the floor and panel wall heaters for those extra cold winter nights.
Freshly laundered bedding is provided for each new occupant and changed frequently.

Kennels are cleaned out daily and are thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected after each occupant leaves. Stainless steel feeding bowls are washed after each meal and fresh water is provided at all times.

There are also day runs where our boarders are able to spend some time during the day - playing or relaxing in the sun while watching the world go by.